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Liposuction with Dr Georgina Konrat - Brisbane

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Hi lovely ladies,


Well, after a few years after my lipo with Dr Konrat I feel I really should give feedback..


The procedure was about 3 years ago - on my inner and outer thighs, plus buttocks.


First up, the consult was fine, I had done stacks of research so to be honest there wasn't really any surprises.. The overall cost came out at about $5500.


The staff were all pleasant, as was the Doc.  The surgery was done at their clinic in Annerley, arrived early that morning, had my sanitizing wipe down, etc.  


This is where things start to go bad..painkillers were in tablet form.  I remember the majority of it. And I most certainly remember the pain. It was excruciating. (FYI - A few medical practitioners have commented (separately, unrelated) on my high pain threshold..


I was given additional painlkillers half way through as I was shaking so badly with the shock.  I could tell the nurse assisting was not comfortable with the situation. My hand was held and she was a good as she could be, but.. Dr Konrat mentioned at the end that they should have done the procedure under general. No sh!t.  Bit late though, at my expense.


After that, again everyone was pleasant and I was oh so pleased to go home!  


I managed to shower myself the following day, but it took about 45 min to slowly maneuver around as I could barely shuffle, nealy passing out a few times, had to take a step ladder in so I didn't topple over.  The bruising was spectacular, very pretty colours starting out deep purple over the majority of my thighs and under my but crease.  Eventually they went through the rainbow and faded properly after about 3-4 weeks.  I wore the compression garment non stop for over a month, and part time for longer.  The results distracted me from the severe discomfort, but I was sorely disappointed seeing that not more was removed - I went down maybe 1 size at the most (10 to an 8.5)


I walked everyday - for the first week I could barely go down the 3 flights of stairs in my building, and shuffled so badly that people looked on in concern. I had to sleep on my back with a pillow under my legs - I'm a side -sleeper usually but there was no chance at that. 10 days later I had to go back to work, and I was still very obviously walking in pain, which is awkward to say the least when you don't want an issue to be made, or anyone to really know. It's private ya know..anyways


So, not a great experience. And once all the swelling had gone, etc I found that the inner thighs were 'uneven' differing from each other in shape..ditto outer thigh.


I have finally decided to have the same procedure done - again - properly this time I hope!


Hope this helps someone..and goodluck.

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Wow.. I haven't read anything good about this surgeon at all. I had a small procedure done by Dr Konrat that I have regretted from that day forward. I have had a lot of work done since then and am only glad that I had the small procedure done first which made me change my mind about using her services.  All the best with your next try xx

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