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Furry Brazilians with Dr Fleming

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New to this forum and super nervous!  Booked in to have surgery with Dr Fleming in a months' time....


After breastfeeding four children, my former A cup boobs have now become non-existent and I have no breast tissue at all.  I need this boob job!  But am so nervous... Dr Fleming seems great (two of my friends have used him) and has been very reassuring, but I still have residual concerns about the safety of the polyurethane coating of the Brazilians. I know the CC rate is very low, but the issue of what happens to the coating as it degrades over time is a bit of a worry.


Dr Fleming says that the study that raised these concerns has been found to be flawed, and that these implants have been used around the world for 40 years with no problems.  I guess I'm just seeking some more reassurance here.  Anyone have any thoughts?



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I Got Teardrop Shaped Brazilians By Dr Harwood. So far so good. Long term, I'm not at all worried about any side affects from the polyurethane. There was concern about the PU coating causing cancer but the studies were unconfirmed and there was no real evidence to prove it.

You're in safe hands with Dr Fleming. He is one of the best. My Bestie had hers done by Dr F and she couldn't be happier. I'm happy for you see my pics although I am only about 4 months post op.

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