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Hi ladies thank you for all your lovely messages. Yesterday was my surgery I was picked up from resort at 7am and taken to PIAC. Filled out my forms and then had consultation with dr boonchai. He explained things very clearly. You can tell he says the same things over and over. My husband got a few smiles out of him which was good. We then moved into trying implants on. I tried from 300cc up until 375cc he asked if I wanted to go bigger I said no thank you they were huge. So I ended up going 350cc which he said should give me a large c small d which I'm happy with. After consultation I was taken out to pay for my surgery. Ladies I do suggest that you pay with australian money the exchange rate is higher there. After that I was taken for X-ray and for blood tests. I then was taken to my private room which was lovely. Nurses were lovely. I was then taken into theatre. Ilets say you defiantly need to get into the zone. As I was strapped a down a lot was going through my head. I woke up in recovery I'm not going to lie it really hurt a lot it felt like contractions in my breasts. It was painful up until that night. As I wanted to try hey mobile my hubby helped me stand up soni could go to the bathroom. After this I was fine going on my on it's just when you stand up you get a lot of pressure. It's day 2 today and I have been up and walking around the hospital I still am getting niggling pains but nowhere near it was. I have now returned to my resort and laying in my comfy king size bed with about 3 pillows to keep me lifted up. I find if you lay down straight that's where it gets you. You will then be in pain as you are using a lot of muscles in your chest you would be very surprised just how much muscle you use. It's poring rain here so I think I might try have a nap. I will update you all tomorrow I hope this helps as I know it helped when you lovely ladies put your adventure up xx

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