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My Phone Consult with Dr Miroshnik

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Being in QLD I chose to book a phone consult with Dr Miroshnik to discuss breast lift and breast augmentation surgery.  Prior to my consult I sent through some photos for Dr M to review during the consult.  Yesterday his surgery rang me at our scheduled appointment time and put me through to Dr M.  Straight off the bat he was lovely and easy going and made me feel less nervous.  He pulled up my photos and asked me a few questions about my medical history and then discussed what he suggested was needed. 


I was relieved to hear that he thought I would only need a crescent lift maybe a vertical lift (would need to assess in person for suitability) on one side and a straight augmentation on the other.  I had heard this from a local face to face consult I'd had the day prior so this was reassuring news.  Prior to his call I had made a list of things to ask him and by the end of the call I didn't need to ask a single thing.  He had already covered it and more.  He recommended Mentor CPG Anatomicals for me (anyone got any feedback on these?)


Overall I felt really good about how my consult went.  After our chat Dr M put me through to Calinda his practice manager so she could email me a quote for surgery.  I felt so confident after our chat that I have decided to book in with him.  I emailed Calinda back late last night to ask for some possible dates for surgery and now I am eagerly awaiting her response so I can confirm a surgery date and get crazy excited lol.

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Yay!!!!!!!!!! I flew down from qld for a face to face with him and loved him! hes a complete babe too!!!! I was so tempted to book my revision but it was more than what my original surgeon could do and there was a big chance i would get rippling so he actually advised i go with my originial. Great choice babe. If i could do it all over again i would have booked with him from the start :)

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