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Is this normal?

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Hey guys few things

I'm 7 days post op

I accidentally lifted my suitcase today and pulled my muscle under my arm towards my boob, it's swollen and tender now, is this normal?

When I massage the tops of my boobs I feel like I can feel it at the bottom of my breast where the crease is, I feel like the implant is pressing on my incision.

Also, when I move side to side I can feel my left implant "wobble" side to side is this normal?

Also can anyone recommend a GP with experience in breast augmentation for my check ups in Perth or a plastic surgeon I can go to for check ups?

All so new to me

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Hi Renee

I can't speak for whether what you are experiencing is normal, I'd hate to say it is when it isn't. My surgeon Dr Tony Connell see's patients that go overseas and need corrections, I would highly recommend his office and calling them to see whether he would see you. I'm not personally aware of a GP but if Tony can't take you on he might have a recommendation for a GP, he is off during school holidays though.

At about 10 days post op I started experiencing fluid in my left side, it was after I started doing more like lifting my daughter so I do wonder if the more you do the more you risk this kind of build up. I freaked out and my surgeon called me in to reassure me. He explained some of the sensations I might feel, e.g. if I push on one side I can feel the implant press on the other side, if I bend forward I can feel the implant tip forward. This helped me greatly, he reassured me that the body should reabsorb the fluid with time and this is why they look at 3 months being the time it takes for things to settle. It was a world of reassurance for me as I wasn't sure if this was normal and I could feel the swish of the fluid. It's slowly slowly reducing now at nearly 4 weeks but I can see it really will take the 3 months for things to settle. 
Try to ice on and off, I found this really helped and use the limits of pain to determine how much you do, i.e. you are sore from lifting the suitcase so don't do it again. I found after days where I was particularly busy with the kids, opening and closing car doors etc I would experience a lot more pain, my pecks would be extremely tender and I'd swell up more. Those muscles are getting used to holding implants in so we need to give them time.


Hope that helps.

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hey hun, i had the same surgeon as usplusthree and while i can't help either with if its normal or not i would highly recommend getting it checked. If someone at Tonys office can't help then i would google surgeons in perth and ring around until you can get someone to help. Its not worth the risk of doing nothing in my opinion, it may be totally nothing but if it were me i would want to know for sure :) good luck i hope your recovery goes well x

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