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Gold Coast BL & BA

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I know how hard and frustrating it is to do all the research when you're trying to decide who you want to do your surgery the last thing you want is to fork out thousands and wake up and it's botched or just not what you wanted..

I contemplated Thailand but adding up flight cost, spending money and procedure costs it was starting to look like the same amount I would end up paying in Aus anyway and after my best mate coming back from their having a bl and ba and dealing with a lot of problems with them AND having to pay $16,500 to get them re done in Aus I was 100% on getting them done here plus it would be my first op and never being under a GA was worried about how that would go also so AUS to me was also the safer and more calming option.

Called up a few PS on the GC, Brisbane and even contacted some in Sydney read a lot of reviews etc and I went with Dr. Raja Sawhney on the GC in southport and from my first consultation I felt a immediate connection a sense of calm and when I explained what I wanted I felt he actually was listening and was going to give me what I wanted he did the vectra photos to show me rough end product let me come to a second consultation where I had changed my mind from what I wanted and went bigger and rounder from what I discussed with him in the first consult.

I've had 3 children I'm 29 and they are all under 5, when I was pregnant all 3 times my boobs went from a natural D to a FF so you can imagine after my 3rd the gave up on me and I also lost bit of weight (I'm 60kg now) they went to a wrinkled, saggy mess with a lot of loose skin. I had lost all self confidence in myself when I looked in the mirror and when I went out in public (even in the bedroom) but after meeting with Raja I felt so confident in him, so I thought I would write my story just incase anyone is finding it hard to find a surgeon on the Gold Coast.

I'm 5 days post op now on no pain killers and besides the swelling I have no real bruising, my boobs are unreal the result was better than I ever expected I feel so sexy he has done seriously the best job.

I got 450cc high profile textured mentor implants with a anchor lift

The procedure was in the allamanda private hospital the staff that took care of me were awesome had no nerves at all on the day even the 2 minutes I was awake in the operating table I felt fine and I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to.

I have photos up in my gallery of before and afters.

FR me if you like to see my pics or message me if you have questions :) xx


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Wow :) Good for you, your attached picture looks amazing!  I am booking in for a lift on one side and dual augmentation in November.  I am also in QLD but heading to Sydney for my procedure.  I am sending you through a FR to follow your progress.   

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