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Injury to breast 3 weeks post op

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Ok so I'm 3 weeks today post op with 345cc brazillian tear drop overs and my almost 2 year old 14kg child just kicked me directly in the breast accidentally as I was dressing him.

I'm really really stressed my implant will develop CC now.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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I doubt it would cause cc but I'd be stressing too especially so soon after surgery.

I had saline implants and was still breastfeeding my 6mnth old. One day my 2yr old kicked me in the breast while changing her. Woke up the next morning with mastitis. I've breastfed 6 babies and never had mastitis before this. I was freaking out that the infection would spread to my implant or it may have ruptured due to the kick, but all was fine.

I'm sure you'll be ok, but give your ps a call just to let them in on the picture.

Good luck hun

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