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Finally like minded folk!

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Firstly I hope I have put this in the right area!

I'm 29 from WA and I'm going for my very first surgical procedure in March 2015!

Travelling interstate to The Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta to have my breasts done.

I've booked in with Dr Tang, and I'm doing copious amounts of homework now.

I "think" I want around 400-450cc I have 3 kids and very deflated Boobies, so looking for a nice high profile set with some real nice projection.

Hope to get to know you all and follow your journeys!

Let me know if you have attended or planning to attend The Cosmetic Institute, I'd love to hear your story too!

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Following.... as also looking at TCI & flying from WA for April BA!


Still trying to decide on Dr... Lee vs Tang but leaning towards Dr Lee at the moment! ;)


Would love to receive FR from anyone who has already had BA with either Dr Lee or Dr Tang for comparison...??


Thanks in advance ^_^

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Hi March2015, I booked mine in yesterday with Dr Lee (so excited!) for January


Hi Silver, im also booked in with Dr Lee in January, the 30th, consult the day prior 29th Jan. Im travelling from WA, so you will have to keep me updated with how everythin goes with him.

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