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BA with Dr Duong TCI

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Hi Ladies!


I went in for my BA with Dr Duong 7/10 I arrived half hour early 11.30 which seemed no problem, girls were friendly I filled in my CC insurance paperwork and paid for that, then got taken through to a waiting room where I put on my little surgical clothing slippers, hairnet and gown, was able to wear own undies.


A male nurse came in and took my blood pressure and vitals, he was very calm and positive which was super reassuring. Was a very kind talker. Then the anaesthetist came in and had a thorough chat. Some midday movie was on lol, then Dr Duong came in took the before pics and left. 


The male nurse came back in and took me through to the room, said to lay down, I said sorry I smell I need roll on feel free to spray me with something! ( lol been nervously waiting ) he positioned my head a little, I could feel him tying/taping up my arms he put on a mask which I thought was oxygen (lol) next thing I know I woke up in another room, all finished...


The minute I woke up I started crying, I was in pain all the tightness and pressure which I had heard of but it just seemed overwhelming. They got me up right away and got me a lolly pop biscuit and drink. They called my carer who came to see me heard my post op instructions, then he went to get the car. Dr Duong walked in and all that was said " -Me: Did it all go okay? Him yes.." But I think i may of been a bit out of it still, then my carer called to say he was outside so a lady escorted me out a back door traffic was everywhere it was a bit uncomfortable people seeing me ( thats just me ) I was out by 3.20pm.


I could walk pretty easily, it felt better to be upright for sure, I only got about 3 hours sleep which was broken the first night, thought the meds would knock me out. Was in the worst pain last night so around the 32 hour mark I have been taking Nurofen Plus Panadine Forte, Endone and antibiotics, I had my first shower this morning, and felt so much better after it.. I am still in pain but have fingers crossed will feel better each day now, though I'm not sure. 


I do recommend Dr Duong, he had a tough job with me I think as I was all uneven, so we will see how the results unfold.. Ive been wanting and waiting for this for YEARS and YEARS I can't believe Ive done it! WOO HOO me! 




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