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BA with Dr Kevin Ho

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Hi peeps!

I haven't had the energy since my surgery to write an experience post until now!!! I think this is gonna be really long, but I just want to write it all down, so here we go!


Me and my sister anna_bear had our BAs done by Dr Kevin Ho in Sydney on Oct 7th. Our cousin had hers scheduled for Oct 8th at TCI with Dr Lee, but I don't think she's on the forum. I'll only write about my experience here, maybe Anna will write one another day!


I'm 163cm tall, 49kg, 22 yo with no children, and have a very short torso.


I'm from Melbourne, so several months before the surgery, Dr. Ho organised a phone consultation with me to discuss everything. I took some photos and emailed them to him, and he recommended silicone textured anatomicals to go under the muscle as I am very sporty and active. I told him I wanted a large C to small D, so he recommended a range of sizes from 255-330, to be decided when we meet and he's had a better look at my chest. After that, 3-4 months went by so quickly and the surgery literally popped up out of nowhere! From the phone consult, I could tell I made the right choice with Dr Ho - he was so professional and he spoke with confidence and knowledge, and I felt completely comfortable. 


Our face to face consult was Oct 6th, which happened to be a public holiday for Sydney. Dr Ho, however, was very nice and opened up his clinic just for us, and had the people from Mentor and Allergen on hand so he could order sizes.


He took some photos and measurements, and went over what I wanted again. By now, I've changed my mind, and wanted a large B to small C, something modest and right for my body because I know if I went too big, I would look top-heavy and out of proportion, because of my extremely short torso and small frame. He agreed, and recommended 255cc anatomicals (rounds wouldn't look good cos I'm very thin), which would give me a small C look. At first, I was a bit worried that 255 would be too big, and told him if, on the table, he was tossing between two sizes, he should choose the smaller size, but he believed the 255cc would be perfect, and so I decided to trust his judgement and go for it.


Comes Oct 7th, the day of the surgery! We went to St. Luke Private Hospital, which was very fancy. The nurses were very nice, and we did all the paperwork and changed into our sexy gowns and cloth shoes. Me and my sister were given beds next to each other to wait. We basically bought our laptops and lecture notes and studied until we got wheeled away haha.


The whole time, I was VERY nervous. I think I was shaking and having doubts and kind of didn't want to do it, and I just wanted my mum, who was back in Melbs. My sister was a bit better than me, she was just chilling. She went first, and got wheeled away at 12:15pm, so I was all alone for a whole lecture :(


Then, shortly after, I tried to listen to music to calm down, and a nurse came and wheeled me away. I was so nervous by then, and felt sick from the hunger. They inserted the cannula, which was so freaking scary (it was the part I was most scared of, and my sister had warned all the nurses haha!), and they gave me something to calm my nerves and 'make me feel happy'. I was basically knocked out instantly, and didn't even make it to the operating room.  


Next minute, I was waking up at 5pm, with a very tight chest, and in a compression bra and strap. I got to eat an icy pole. They wheeled me into my own room, and things started to go downhill from there. I was throwing up heaps, and was feeling very sick and nauseous the entire time. The nurses said that me and general anaesthesia don't agree, and it sucked. They stuck a needle in my bum, cos the stuff they gave me in the IV didn't work, which made me feel better. My cousin and my sister's boyfriend came in every now and then to visit, and soon I was ready to go.


That night, and the next day, I was very nauseous after meals, which later Dr Ho said it was due to the Penadine forte. I basically spent the all that time sleeping and watching Game of Thrones and Arrow, but mostly sleeping.


On Thursday, two days after the surgery, we met Dr Ho again for a post-op. We also met his receptionists Kristen and Jackie, who we've been emailing for the past few months. Everyone was so sweet! Dr Ho removed my dressings and took a look at the incisions, but I felt queasy halfway, so he told me to lie down for a bit and gave me vom bag. He then went over all the post-op instructions re showers, silicon scar dressings, etc. and took some more photos. I really liked the size, I think it was perfect and I'm glad I stuck with it!


Anyway I'm back in Melbs now and overall I'm very happy. Dr Ho is very serious about perfection, and he knows what will look good for your body type. He's very professional, uses the best quality stuff there is, and is good at what he does. He gave us his personal number so that if we have any concerns or questions we can contact him straight away. I'm so so glad I went to him! And I'll be recommending him to all my girlies from now on. So future BA girls, look into Dr Ho cos he's amazing!


Wow this was so long. I'm gonna go eat an orange to help move my tummy around. Good night!




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It is hard doll. Go with who ever you feel most comfortable with. I can happily recommend dr ho, I know he'll take great care of you but it's so personal. Go with what your gut says! Good luck in your choice

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