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Fillers help please

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Hi all. I used to get Botox and fillers regularly. I'm thinking of going somewhere new as where I used to go is a long drive and it's hard to make time to travel so far as I need family to look after my toddler (or fiancée when he's not working long hours and Saturdays). Ok I'll get to the point. The filler they offer is juvaderm. They don't do any other filler. I have only ever had Restylane and Perlane. Both in my lips and Perlane that was leftover in my nasolabial area (I forgot the correct term). Will juvaderm be good for my top lip and under eyes (tear troughs)? I've never had fillers under my eyes before. Also how is juvaderm for lips? I think I've got filler still in my bottom lip so will leave it alone but my top lip is so tiny all the filler has almost vanished if there's any left.

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