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620cc XHP Revision... NEEDS REVISION :-(

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Sorry I've not been on for a couple of weeks girls.

I've accepted everyone's friend requests if you want to squiz at pictures.

I need to update new ones even though I'm so disappointed!

I was meant to have an exchange with lollipop lift.

I came out with an exchange and no lollipop lift, but a donut/areole reduction which I was initially happy about.

Turns out it has not given me the results I wanted and a few other complications along the way.

My left breast is much smaller then my right

Has no upper pole and is drooping at the bottom, I have a feeling the Brazilian implant was misplaced causing this and the double bubble distortion on the inner cleave area.

My right I love apart from being significantly larger than the right ! The areole is a 20c coin and the left a 10c

I'm so disheartened about this. The only way it is to be fixed is going back under and replacement of implant (can't re use brazillians to replace) and lollipop lift to take away the skin tissue in the right breast. So pretty much my first surgery all over again. I hope this will be the case when I see him on the 28th of Oct. I'll be 7 weeks post op.

He did tell me to come back at 4 months post op but I just can't bare the thought of waiting that long when all the swelling has subsided.

Cross your fingers for me please :-(

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Awwwww, I hope he can do something to give you the result you originally wanted. Sucks to have to redo it all again. Good luck for your checkup that you can have it fixed sooner rather than later :)

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I'm so sorry to read this :( I wish so much that you got beautiful results, I can't imagine how disappointed you must be after 2 surgeries. I'll be interested to see what solution he can offer you, it had better be good!! I don't blame you for not waiting for your appointment.

Fingers and toes all crossed for you!!

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Thank you for the support!

I was just so wishing I would wake up with the results I wanted but obviously to good to be true 


second time around. 

I just hope i don't have to wait until I'm 3-6 months post op :{ x

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