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Dual Plane Rounds VS Dual Plane Teardrops..?

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So! My BA is creeping up slowly and in two and a half weeks i'll be under the care of DR. V and the lovely people at PIAC!
When I got my e-mail reccomendation I asked for a quite a 'rounded' full look, but I wanted them still to look natural. Here was his recommendation:

"Dr. Veerawat recommends Breast Augmentation using round or tear drop implants. The implants should be placed
under the muscle (subglandular placement) or dual plane placement. And the incision should be under the breast

I'm trying to go for natural (but not TOO natural), full but with minimal upper pole fullness. What would the aesthetic differences be between the teardrop placed dual plane and the rounds placed dual plane? Would perhaps the teardrops then look 'too' natural due to the top of the implant already being covered let alone the already anatomical shape of the implant?
Would the round placed dual plane achieve a more natural yet perky and round look? I'm working with 10B/8C's right now and am hoping for around a 10DD/8E size.

I know I can discuss this with him at the office, but i'd like to have a bit more feedback from you ladies in regards to this particular scenario - i'd like to have at least some sort of idea what direction I will be going with when I go into my consult on the 31st. I'm so impatient :wub:  The price difference is $1,500 between round subglandular and teardrop dual plane. I'm willing to pay for whatever I need either way, but was wondering whether the mix of anatomicals and dual plane might be overkill in my case. For reference - I'm 156cm and around 48kg and am quite petite.


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