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Question about existing stretch marks

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Hi girls,


I need both a lift and implants after weight loss and 3 kids ruining my once great boobies!

What concerns me is I have stretch marks at the top of my breasts. I'm fair so they are not too bad on one side just silvery, but the other side some are light purple and noticeable. At the moment , they are just visible outside the top of my bra cups.

So my question, after both BL and BA will these be even higher up on my chest or lower more closer to the nipple?

I'm worried I'll end up with great looking boobs but won't be able to show them off in swimmers and low cut tops as the stretch marks with be out there even further than they are now. 


Thanks. I'm so grateful I found this site so much info :-)

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I don't think anyone's stretch marks where as terrible as mine I went from being a natural 14DD when feeding down to a 10a and now after my BA I average a 10F....

Pre BA my stretch marks where hideous purple and silver etc and everywhere my BA. Not only filled out my breast tissue but it somewhat smoothed out the old stretch marks if that makes sense they are still there but not as noticeable, unfortunately I also received a few new ones on the side it's just my skin though it is thin and I am prone to stretch marks atleast these are at the side and can be hidden...

I know I probably didn't help with your questions but I hope it eases your mind to know that they won't be as bad as pre BA

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I'm pretty happy with the results, he's a great surgeon!

I could have enquired about getting my nipple size reduced at the same time cos they're pretty big and I don't like them

if I didn't have the stretch marks that would have been wonderful but this is life after having kids so im ok with that

They look great in a bra and the stretch marks are covered up anyway so u don't see them unless of course ur naked! Lol

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