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18 days TCI dr tang

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Hey Ladies,


Im so excited i only have 18 days to go until my BA,


i was just wondering if anyone who had the same stats as me had there BA yet and could let me know what the look might be like, im getting 375cc on right and 385cc on left i think.. im 24yrs old 152cm and 52kg.. and im like a 10b but an empty one.. if that make sense..


im pretty sure i want to stay with this size, thats what Dr Tang has recommended and i trust his judgment, just like to see who else in my boat go what results..


thank you :)

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I so glad to hear someone who wants to stay their size.

I'm seeing dr tang on nov 14 for my first consult surgery dec 9. I'm 177cm, 63kg and a empty A, because I'm active I really just want b's or small c's, I hear he is good because he doesn't pressure u for bigger.

Look forward to hearing how u go.


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Thats great bikegirl, yeah when i went to see him he listened to what i wanted then gave me a few sizes to try on, the first one i liked but wanted a bit bigger,, second one he gave me was just right... so i dont wanna stress myself out for the next few weeks im just going to stick to my first choice..


He definitely doesnt pressure you to have anything you dont want..

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