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BA Dr Poonsak Bangkok Phuket Hospital - Jan 2015

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I'm booked in!

BA with Dr Poonsak at Bangkok Phuket Hospital.

January 2015.

Now to research my dream boobies. He recommends tear drops, under muscle, inframammary incision.

I'm pretty straight forward. I'm 35, had my kid, don't want another.

I love my boobs but they are just tiny A cups - no projection but some side boob, and a little saggy since expressing for my daughter. They were D during pregnancy and when they were full of milk.

I don't want obvious cleavage. Just a medium sized natural shape - but I do want projection. I probably make zero sense.

Although I'm a 14A I'm naturally petite, and losing weight - down 4kg from 72kg to 68kg in the last month and aiming for another 4kg. Residual baby weight plus I love beer! I should be fitting a 12A before departure. It's ny goal.

I think I'll just collect a few photos and then try not to obsess over it. Done enough obsessing in the last 20 years!

Bring it on!

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I've been changed to Dr Piyapas!


I'm stoked! I was going to be happy with any surgeon at BHP but I am really pleased about Piyapas.


Just hope they don't change it back or change it again haha!

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