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Considering a revision / lift

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Hi all:)

6 months on from my BA, I can't shake the feeling that I'm not happy with them.

I got a large size, and think they are too big.. I don't mind them naked but with clothes on I feel and look fat and top heavy.

There's no way I can go without a bra because they sit so low on my chest:(

They are an improvement on what they were, and I feel selfish wanting to spend more money on my boobs, and wonder if I will ever truly be happy with them?

I had 550 (l) and 450 ® hp unders. I am a 10F bra size. I am considering if a lift would fix them by 'lifting' them and it would possibly take away a cup size or so?

Has anyone had implants first followed by a lift or know where I can find information / pictures?

I will wait until the 12 month mark before I make my decision so I can see the final outcome, but they are just getting bigger!

I should mention that I want my final outcome to be: perky, round / full, without being too big

Thanks x

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I love uR boobs, I don't think u look top heavy but I guess each person sees themselves diff. Are u wearing baggy tops? I tend to stick to tight stretchy tops to prevent the frumpy look and lower cut tops. It could be uR outfit that makes u feel top heavy, maybe?

But I honestly think u look in proportion. U might regret going smaller...

I am feeling the opposite to u my feelings towards mine I wish i went bigger! I want 700s now :(

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