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Boob pain before lift and implants

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Hi guys.

Have a question and it might be long winded...sorry!

Have any of you before you had implants had sore boobies?

I usually have 1 that is really painful at times but the last 2 weeks both have been so bad I can't cross my arms or lay on them etc.

Had ultrasounds done on the sore one over the years and it was just cysts that have now dissovled...yay. But now this month with both being extremely sore and swollen I'm wondering if when I do go down the lift and implant road if the pain intensifies? ?

My history is sore right breast for about 5/6 yrs comes and goes.

Had a hysterectomy at 39 now 42.

The pain seems to mainly come about once a month...you'd think about the time I would get a period if I had my woman bits...I think this as I crave chocolate at the same time. ...lol

Any ideas????

Anyone had this before surgery and if so how are they now?

Thank you in advance

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