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any other ladies have visible rippling with their implants?

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Hi beautiful ladies

I'm 5 wks PO (unders girl) and last night I noticed I have very slight rippling in the cleavage area. My PS did warn me that I may experience this due to my very thin skin, low body fat and extremely small bw, moee so because the 285cc implant I got exceeds my bw (by 1.5cm)

Just wondering if anyone else has rippling and if so if they could share their stats, size implant and bw if possible please :)

thank you ;)

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Oh noooo! You are having such a bad run with your boobies :-(

I noticed you were considering overs too? I've read they have an increased risk of rippling than unders do - darned if you do, and darned if you don't :-( sending you some big better booby hugs. Oooxoox

thanks hun:)

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i did but no it seems to have settled and gone away. go back in 6 months to check again :)

lucky you that it settled :)

The rippling I experienced with my old saline implants just got worse and worse with time, hope it doesn't happen with these ones too :)

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