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Hi there,

you most likely have already gone ahead but thought I would respond anyway. I had my eye lids done with Dr Ansari and would not go back / do it again with him. I was left with a permanent visible scar and generally thought that the care once the procedure is done was not sufficient. I did contact him and his assistant to discuss my concern that the stitching had come loose but was not seen. Result is a permanent scar which can be seen and Dr Ansari dismissed as 'will be less visible in 12 months' or if you are still not happy in 12 months we can fix it.

My mother recently had the same procedure done but for lids and bags, she had hardly any bruising and discolouring - mine was extreme and lasted 1 months plus.

I don't think he is that great and perhaps with his many offices around Sydney / NSW too busy to really care about the individual patient.

I would rather pay a little more and see someone else.

Good luck!

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Hi All

My partner had two procedures with Dr Ansari (the second, because the first one did not work well). We were not happy with either. Of more concern was the somewhat careless nature of how the procedures were done - I'd prefer not to describe it here as I my partner does not want to be recognized. We know that there are much better options out there because my partner since went to other doctors and was happy with the approach and the result - although the approach was the big difference. There are many choices for patients, so don't take a risk with Dr Ansari.


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