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Borderline lift??

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I think a few girls on here have but not sure I would as you will need a lift later on but in saying that I need a lift as mine are down to my knee caps.....lol. If I was borderline I'd chose the lift though. :)

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I think if I have any advice

Consider shape



That was my main points

I new if I went fully under with a round Id be unhappy as the teardrop helps lift the nipple plus having it dual plan helps with this also that way the inplant doesn't sit so hight

And i personally new I wouldn't get the result I wanted without going atleast a 450 cc


But yes not everyone is happy with end results especially if a high round fake look is what you are looking for

Consider all inplant types and brands

And also Thailand

I know TCI is cheap but for me what they offered I just new I wouldn't get the look I wanted to me I wanted my nipples to sit the highest they possibly could :)

But with Thailand please speak to some one like dee envy as overseas is a mine field

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I am borderline but my ps is confident that I get enough lift out of just implant. I AM STOKED! I didn't want a lift and scared of those scars and I really just wanted my volume back so I just have to go a little bigger to fill my tissue back up but nothing too extreme. 390cc

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