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Has anyone gone for large, round, moderates?


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I'm just curious to see what these look like? I know a lot of women go for high profile, but I'd really like to see what a large moderate profile with round would look like?

Would you need to have a broad chest for these do you think?


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Yes to a broad titty width, beginning to end they measure of your boob flesh/meat & across and up and down. Nipple down to crease to find centre of implant, those measurement should give you a figure to look at. You can just go up in sizes to compensate BW in the HP, unless you want the moderate for the more downward angle. I don't think your gaining a lot of CC because it's all in the base width in Moderates, so make sure your getting enought projection so your not disappointed with a very very soft natural look. Study the bw & projections on the UHP , HP & mods etc of the brands your surgeon uses. Good luck, as once it clicks what your looking for in a Breast in regards to sizing and shape the descision you make is easier to accept.

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