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Pregnancy/breastfeeding AFTER having had a BA


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Hi ladies

I'm not planning any more children however I have some reasons for my question...

I was wondering for those of you who have a BA and then gone on to have a pregnancy whether you breastfed or not, how did your breasts change through the process? Did they sag afterwards and then were in need of a revision or do they stay fairly in tact?


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Yep mine did. They were perfect until I fell pregnant. They then got really big. I Breast fed two bubs and they went south a little. Enough for a redo which I'm getting done on Wednsday. I don't plan on having any more bubs otherwise I wouldn't get it done yet.

Thanks for that Primed. Did they change a lot even after the first bub?

I really wonder how they would fare if breastfeeding wasn't done after baby is born? I guess they would still change and stretch but maybe not as much as they would after breastfeeding

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