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Hey everyone!

I'm getting close to my surgery date and am needing to figure a few small things out.. like what I'm going to eat while I'm recovering!
My partner will have the first week off work so I'll have his help around the house (he's just not too handy in the kitchen).

Is it too ambitious of me to think I can probably do cooking as normal besides the first day or two?

I'm not sure if I should prep meals before and freeze them / just buy some instant meals for a few days.

To the girls who have been through this, what did you do?

To the girls who haven't had their surgery yet, what have you got planned?


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I cooked a chicken dish the night before surgery and ate that for a few meals but I also managed to cook a pasta dish on either day 2 or 3 because I was sick of eating the same thing. I managed fine without eating any frozen meals. I also just kept a stash of brown rice, tuna and vegetables in the house which come in handy too. Also to be honest the first few days I didn't feel like eating much, just a few small meals.

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I did a whole heap of cooking for hubby & the kids & froze into portions.


For me I bought a few low cal frozen meals, pre packaged protein drinks & I froze portions of cooked marinaded chicken so hubby can throw it in a few salads for me.


I probably won't have much of an appetite while I'm chowing down the drugs lol 

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