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Hi Tweedles - Good for you, hope every thing goes well. I have heard of that Dr's name through this forums but he was not my Breast surgeon. I do suggest you choose a Plastic surgeon not a cosmetic surgeon, as the Plastic surgeon are the more qualified ones.

Your surgeon can give you advice on down time, but 6 months is way too long. I would easily expect you to be doing full laps and racing 2-3 mths Max or have you been told 6 months? Weightlifters go back after 6 weeks. Depends on the placement of implant as well. .

Meet & greet with at least 3 surgeons for opinions too.

Best of luck :)

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Hi tweedles,


First of all, congratulations!!!!  I'm really excited for you.  Second of all, I'm a Dr Tang person.  I found him to be extremely professional, he answered all of my questions before I actually got to ask them.  I have no regrets going with him.  His incisions were very good and clean.  When I first came onto this forum I was going to go with Dr Ali and switched to Dr Tang due to time frames and the rave reviews and results I had seen.  I am very happy with the results I have.  


Thirdly, I have no idea how long you need to be out of speedway car but like Lovely, thinking 6 months may be excessive but talk to Dr Tang.  


Good luck and when is your appointment/surgery???

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