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Round vs Anatomical for small frame and little tissue?


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Hi ladies,

I have been recommended round mod profiles by one surgeon and anatomicals by another - both in dual plane placement.

With very little breast tissue and a narrow frame I am wondering if it is possible to achieve a very natural shape with rounds?

And while I love the natural shape of anatomicals I am wondering if they can feel soft?

Going for as naturAl and subtle as humanly possible ..I am a AA hoping for a nice B.

Thank you all for your help!

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My friend was A cup if that even, 165cm 48kg & has 325 round mods & they look super natural & have a teardrop look to them. If I hadn't of seen hers I would have thought that round would have looked really fake on a frame like hers but they are just beautiful. Good luck with your decision :) 

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just keep in mind the projection of the implant will play an influencing shape of the actual result whether it be rounds or anatomical.

i've got a narrow body, but decided to got rounds xhp for the look I want. I'm only 3 weeks post op so they are only starting to drop.


Yes they do look freakishly odd at the moment, if you are trying to achieve the natural look, but i would say don't rule out rounds completely, the upper pole fullness gained is something to consider.


good luck xo

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Haha Win - yep Spain is a bit far

How long ago did you get yours Serena? Do they feel soft/squishy? I absolutely love the look of them and wonder if the firmness is ever any issue for girls that have them?


I'm at 11 weeks now and I wouldn't say they're soft like normal breast tissue but they aren't hard either.  Apparently anatomicals do take a lot longer to get soft though because they're made with a firmer gel to maintain their shape.  I had a feel of the type of implants that I was having put in when I'm at my surgeon's office and they are supposed to soften up to what that felt like which was pretty soft.   :)   I think they'll always be more firm than rounds though from what I've heard.  I'm not really concerned about this because I'd much prefer to look as natural as possible and for me, a little more firmness is a small trade off for that.  I don't have much natural breast tissue so rounds were never really an option for me for the look I wanted.

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