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Cosmetic surgery participants needed for research

Mindy Hung

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Hi All!


My name is Mindy Hung, and I'm from Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand.


I'm currently conducting a doctoral research on cosmetic surgery looking at how it changes the way you perceive and feel about yourself, and how it changes your life!! 


This research has the potential to further our contemporary understanding in cosmetic surgery and how it may benefit people, if not otherwise! 


Your participation in the research will be highly appreciated! :D 


All you have to do is to complete 4 sets of anonymous online surveys within a 7-month period!!


If you:


1. Are 18 years of age or older

2. Have a cosmetic surgery scheduled in May, June, or July 2015

3. The surgery has nothing to do with physiological or medical reasons (e.g. back pain, or functional problems), and it is purely for appearance enhancement

4. The surgery requires either general or local anaesthesia 

5. The surgery will lead to permanent physical change (so no botox and etc)


Please contact me via email mindy.m.hung@gmail.com and get involved!! You will not need to give me any information that may personally identify you, simply use a nickname for yourself in the email will do, for the purpose of anonymity!

I will also be sending you more information about the research :)


Please help us further understand the effects of cosmetic surgery!


I would be extremely grateful for your support and participation! :wub:


Best regards,


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