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Infected incision 8 weeks post op


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I'm 8 weeks post op. At week 6 post op my right under Brest incision opened a little and began bleeding. So I went to the GP as I'm interstate patient, he put me on antibiotics and cleaned and steri story applied with water proof dressing.

It appeared to be healing, now 8 week post op, my left breast incision I noticed had a small scab with puss coming out. So ok back at the doctor again as the nurse from the surgery said to have the incisions swabbed.

I'm hoping it's an infection that can be fixed with antibitocs but it's worrying as the incisions don't seem to be healing.

Has this happened to anyone?? I'm extremely stressed over it and worried.

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Pink butterfly yes, I have contacted the surgeon each time. They are great at helping me with advice. I send them photos of the incision and keep them updated.

I had swabs taken yesterday and get those results Friday. It's just so frustrating as it's week 8 now and I want to get on with exercise and normal bra wearing.

donatella it's only a little part of the incision not the whole incision so I'm hoping it is that. Do you know what the process is to get it fixed? As in, another surgery ?

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I had exactly the same thing happen to me. I had a BL & BA and at 3 weeks on both boobs right at the point where the vertical scar meets the nipple I had a small area of open wounds which started off looking like little yellow pimples... they were a pale yellow colour and appeared to get bigger, they'd scab over and look like they were healing until the scabs came off in the shower and the whole process would start again. I sent photos to my surgeon on a weekly basis and he'd give me directions of what to do, he said they weren't infected but that I probably had spitting stitches. I did end up going to the GP who confirmed there was no infection and told me to do the exact same thing my surgeon did (comforting, since he was in Phuket). I just had to persevere, change dressing at least once a day, sometimes twice... I trimmed two stitches and ended up tweezing the last lingering one out at about 8wks. Thankfully they are all healed and closed now, but yes it is a worrying time, no matter how many times you hear that it's very common ;)

If you PM me I'm happy to send you a few pics if you think it would help put your mind at ease.


I'd bet anything you like that you have spitting stitches!

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