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First time consultation nerves

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I wore a non padded bra and a white singlet. I wish I took a looser shirt too so I could see what they looked like in that.

My surgeon covered most things in the consult and after I thought of a few things I wanted to know so I just emailed the receptionist and had a phone consult organised for me so I could ask what I needed.


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How exciting!! I found it helpful to bring the loosest top i ever wear and the most revealing top to see what it would look like covered and out there lol & ask about what they will do if you happen to need a revision down the line.

Hope it all goes really well for you & let us know how you get on

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Good luck! I saw Dr R a few weeks ago for my consult, I'm wishing I'd taken a few more photos to show him but still walked away feeling like we were on the same page. I found he was great (and funny), I was worried when I'd read a few things saying he was very business and impersonal, I found him to be professional but friendly, I mentioned I'm allergic to morphine and hallucinate quite badly, he wrote "crazy" for the reaction lol. he went over things and was only to happy to go into more detail if I asked and really put my mind at ease with the concerns I had (keloid scarring, weight loss and how'd they look). I did find when it came to size, he gave me the trials and just wrote down a size when I said I think I like the look of them, he came across as though size was my decision so he didn't give much guidance, however I felt as though he would have said if my goal photos/natural look weren't acheiveable with the size I wanted. He gave me a sports bra to wear when trying the trials so I wouldn't be too concerned about what bra you wear, I just wore a tank top to try and get an idea of what they'd look like. Oh and try not to stress! I was so nervous about having to explain to someone about why I wanted implants, he simply asked if my goal from the surgery was a bigger size (obviously my answer was a resounding yes!) and that was it for my explanation, so lots of nerves for nothing.

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So ive now had 2 consultations with 2 different surgeons and they have both told me 2 completely different things! So confused now!

Dr Richardson recommended 425cc round textured under the muscle which didnt seem too big at the time but i also had on a super tight sports bra while trying on the sizers. It felt like it was squishing them a bit and not giving a true indication of the size.

Today i saw Dr Harwood (who i felt super comfortable with) and he is recommending 345cc nuance (oval teardrop) textured over the muscle. These did feel ok but i think i could go bigger, maybe up to 400? But dr harwood said he didnt think i should. I think i might call him and talk about the size.

completely overwhelmed and confused!!

At the moment, i think as Dr Harwood took alot more time going through the measurements and explaining it all too me, im feeling a little more confident with him.

Dr Richardson seemed like he was kind of just going through the process and kind of just letting me pick the size.

So thats where im at right now, thinking of a third opinion but that might completely bamboozle me!

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