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picking up children after BA

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I have a 15 month old and 4 yr old and I didn't pick my youngest up for for 2 full weeks, that was the advice but I couldn't carry him fully for 4 weeks (surgeons recommendation). But in and out of cot was ok after 3 weeks, any time before then if I did it my boobs were sore afterwards and needed to be iced

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I'm 3 weeks post op and not even allowed to pick up my cat yet! I don't have any young children (only the furry kind) and even so it was stressed to me on my post op appointments not to lift anything heavy especially children and baskets of heavy wet washing and if I must you have to squat and put elbows in. The heaviest thing I pick up at the moment is a 3 ltr carton of milk and that's only to pour on my cereal.

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