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Botox fillers ??? Where to start

Amy E

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Ok I have wanted to start having my lips done and a few other areas

But where do I start and what can be treated

I want lips done

Also fine lines around eyes my skin runs on the dryer side so my eye area can look hollow and dry plus I smile a lot lol

My forehead line omg my biggest hate seriously hate them only present when eyebrows are raised but seriously deep

Then I wanted to add some volume to my cheeks plus treat mouth lines ( two line one either side of mouth start from your nose and extend down )

But I don't want to end up not liking my face I love the way I look but having three kids and I'm a stress head as of late it's written all over my face lol

I guess I want to notice change with out looking to DONE

I want to soften some features but don't want to paralyse my face

Guess I'm scared I won't like it

Some knowledge of what to expect would be great to just so I know if what's being done is right

Plus what's your opinions on dr vs nurse

Places to avoid / lookout for

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Hey Amy I've just had a look at the photos in your gallery, you are absolutely gorgeous and in my humble opinion would need very little work done on that beautiful face... but can I suggest that you PM Donatella, she's a wealth of information and probably the best person to speak to on injectables and will possibly be able to help you get a bit of a plan together that can get the 'softer' look you're after.


Edited after I realised I may of come across sounding a bit judgemental... the mum in me coming out :p. All the best hun.

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Hi hon,  You are a gorgeous girl but I get that this can be preventative.  First bit of advice is that you do it in small steps.  I definitely think Minx is right.  PM Donatella and see if she can provide you with some advice.  


As far as where or who to inject, I've been going to an RN to get mine done.  She is very light handed and does injecting all day long (she works in three different clinics).  I'm happy with her and will continue to go to her.  I guess you need to find someone you are comfortable with.


Good luck and let us know how you go.  I started off with the lips, then found out about a package for fillers and botox and ended up getting my lips done again at the same time.  One other word of advice is that numbing cream is your best friend!!!

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I get crows, forehead & frown treated with dysport & it's so natural & I look softer, I wish I could get more of a frozen look but don't have enough cash LOL!! I want my cheeks done hoping that will pull up my lower face enough & then lips also. Oh to be rich!!!

Donatella really helped me out with my tox mission she's great to pick her brains :)

Let us know when you know what you're going to do!

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Oh me too, I want the frozen look as well!  How long has the dysport lasted Win?  They claim the fillers should last two years (in the face).... lips 6 months????

Lol! I love it! Dysport lasts just under 3 months in me before I can move my face more than I like I'm due again now :)

I just need to find a way to come up with the cash for the fillers without hubby knowing I don't think he could not see a grand missing from our account somehow!!

Might do the lips first easier amount to account for haha

I LOVE your lips btw they look awesome!

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The Dysport I had on 9th January is still holding up really well but I've been having botox for years... I'm told the longer you've been having it the long it lasts on you. Will go for a top up later this month though... that'll be close to 5 months, I'm happy with that :) 

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Can I suggest starting off small instead of all at once? That way you won't get a huge shock when you see yourself. That's just my own personal opinion and it may not even happen.

For me I had my lips done first with Perlane and a little in my nasolabial folds. I want more in my lips and also my tear troughs done too as I have dark circles and a hollow look as well as fine lines under the eyes. I have laugh lines and forehead lines which I want done too. If money was no object I would have the works done and nasolabial folds too.

I've never understood having cheeks done but that's because no matter how thin I've been I've always had high chubby cheek bones.

I don't think you will look "done". When having my consult I was asked what bothered me the most. Because it was my very thin lips it was a no brained for me what to have done first.

Agree with talking to Don, if I lived near her she would be doing all my injectables.

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