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HELP needed in attaching pics to PM's???


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Help I'm stuck... I know this probably very simple but I can't find out how to do it, my attempts have been useless. I can obviously put up pics in my gallery but I'm having problems figuring out how to attach them to PM's.  :huh:


Can anyone give me some dumbed down simple instructions on how to do this... please  :confused:


Help on putting collage's together too would also help, thanks heaps.

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I don't know if you can attach pics to a PM??


With the collage have you got any aps on your phone or iPad? I've got InstaFrame & instapicframes..I'm not that great with all that stuff so I'm sure someone else can let you know some better ones :) Is that the help you mean lol?

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If you start a PM to someone there is a button to use the full editor which then gives you a toolbar with a "My Media" button

This will let you add images from your gallery here.

Alternatively there is also a picture button on the toolbar for you to enter a URL to a picture on photobucket or gyazo or something.
For the collages I used a couple of the photo editing apps on my android phone or tablet to add nice layouts and borders so youi could try that depending on if you have android or apple devices you could use.

Hope this helps. ;)

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