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Dr Preeyaphas Bangkok Breast lift & augmentation


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Myself and my best friend both had breast lift and augmentations with Dr Preeyaphas last week at Bumrungrad hospital Bangkok.

We are both extremely happy with our results.

My friend was a harder case, she had a pigeon chest/ different bone structure therefore her operation was more complicated than the average lift, he said he has around one case per year. He did a fantastic job on both of us, working all day long one after the other.

Initially I was anxious that one breast was higher and bigger however one of my breasts were bigger to begin with and for what he had to work with he did a fantastic job. I had 350cc in one breast and 325cc in the other to balance out the size. One week post op now I feel great and am very impressed at how things are going. The difference in heights does not concern me and although there will be many changes yet to come I wouldn't mind if none occurred as I'm happy with them swollen haha I kind of wish I went 375cc but I don't think he could have fit them as I had minimal breast tissue and they feel very tight!

I still have tape covering the scars however from what I can see they are neat and my areolas look great. I was so anxious that I would end up with different sized areolas haha I must have expressed that to him 10 times in consult.

Dr P appeared very fit and healthy, he told me he does not drink nor smoke and all doctors at bumrungrad hospital must have yearly health checks so that really put me at ease and I do not believe his age is a concern to anyone :)

My only gripe would have to be that the hospital caller my friend barely 12 hours out of surgery to tell her she could go home, I felt they couldn't wait to get rid of us and I know I definitely left much earlier than I needed, we left before lunch time when dr P had promised 4pm. However if we asked to stay longer they might have let us, we just didn't feel comfortable asking.

It wasn't nearly as painful as I expected, some of the girls on here terrified me and I was expecting a whole lot worse. I think the hardest part was sleeping and getting out of bed as we had no one to help us adjust pillows etc and were experiencing pain trying to push ourselves up. My breasts are still quite numb and can't say I'm looking forward to them waking up. We both had full anchor lifts: vertical t incisions, yet felt well enough by day 2 to go out and buy food, however we were taking it very easy walking slowly and taking rest breaks. I asked dr P if it was ok to walk and he responded with "yes I didn't operate on your legs" he was pretty funny and put up with a lot from me as I suffered extreme anxiety being overseas and asking lots of questions.

I would recommend him to anyone however would not recommend travelling overseas to get surgery without someone to help. We really struggled, well I did, my friend was so calm and fine through the whole thing, she is my rock I wouldn't have got through it without her.

We left to fly back to Aus 5 days post op which was very hard (on me), I couldn't handle all the walking through airports I must have stopped to sit and breathe 50 times before we made it anywhere as I didn't want to get my heart rate up too much and cause bleeding or effect the results.

Although the smart thing to do would have been stay the recommended stay, I am still glad we left when we did as I am coping much better in Australia with support.

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Hi, just wondering if your breasts have now evened up in size? I have just had BL and BA with Dr. Poomee at Bumrungrad and one is bigger than the other and the nipples are not at the same height. It is only 7 days post op and wanted to know if it's possible they will even up over time or if this is how they're going to look, say, 5 months from now. If they do, I will want to get the smaller one with the lower nipple fixed. I guess the BL adds an extra challenge to get the breasts the same size? Anyway, hoping you have some before and after pics to share and/or some words of advice. Thanks!

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On 27/02/2016 at 2:48 PM, Miss_Vu said:

Hi hun

im getting my consulatation to be booked by Dr Preeyaphas for a BL and BA. Would uni able to email some of before and after photos as a peace of mind? 




Hi I'm also Interested in pics as I'm booked in for same procedure with Dr P in MARCH 2017

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