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Am I in trouble?


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I am 10 days post op for a breast lift and implants. My right breast is so swollen and painful when I move the slightest bit I get shooting electric like pain through my underarm whereas my left breast is soft and completely normal.

10 days post seems a bit excessive to still be like this, I wasn't like this from day 3, I only started feeling the shooting pains from day 6 but feel its getting worse.

I'm resting, drinking water, sleeping elevated, the breast isn't going down. I can't tell if it's going up but its the pains when I move even slightly that scare me.

How long should I wait before seeing a doctor?

I don't have any severe bruising or anything so im clueless as to why this is happening.

I can't see my surgeon as i did this overseas.

Any help greatly appreciated

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Can you e-mail your surgeon with your concerns? Or perhaps see your GP?

I had close to no pain in my left but quite a lot of pain in my right the whole recovery process due to there being more 'work' done on my right side. I believe shooting pains are generally nerves reconnecting but if you're concerned at all I would definitely email your surgeon.

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