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Degree in nursing


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Hi ladies 


I started considering doing a degree in nursing. Then I remembered that there seems to be a number of members who are nurses here so I thought this would be a good place to get some advice!


II run a business and it's been going well so far (touch wood). I'm about to sign another 5 year lease but as you know rent in Sydney just keeps going up. I'm not sure if I would be able to maintain it by the end of the lease. So I need to plan ahead. I started doing a bachelor of science in biology and maths this year. I really like it but I'm starting to worry about future job opportunities. It seems like the demand for medical workers will keep increasing (or at least not gonna go down) and the likelihood of getting stable employment as a nursing graduate seems more optimistic. 


I would like to find out if working full time (and paying off a mortgage) and studying nursing part time is doable? 

How much time per week does clinical placement take?

Is the starting salary quite reasonable? 

Do you find your work rewarding?


I need to make a decision whether to continue my current study or transfer to a nursing degree. Any advice/info would be appreciated.


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