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Hey Everyone,


Just wanna hear some opinions on consuming alcohol ( red wine mainly). I usually have a glass or two of red but I'm a bit unsure if i can still do that...my BA is on thursday and it says nothing on all of my before hand instruction about not consuming any alcohol. I have been really cautious about not drinking any especially cos its coming up but a few of my friends who have had their breasts done think its ok and said that they had a few drinks in the coming weeks to their BA...just no medications.


What are your thoughts on this?


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Hi =)

I'm a nurse and i would recommend avoiding all alcohol for 48 hours before surgery and at least 3 days after surgery as you may develop a nasty haemotoma at the surgery site which may affect your ultimate outcome and present a variety of adverse effects. 

Good Luck



Whats a haemotoma  sagittarius? 

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