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omg I hate Telstra!.. but did i just get a free phone??

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So I applied for an iPhone 6 + plan online, 4 days ago - went through all the motions, the order was confirmed and received various emails about confirmation/delivery/activation instructions.


So the iPhone arrived yesterday, opened it up and proceeded with the activation instructions and waited for the email to say my current number has been transferred to new SIM.


And then... 5 mins ago I get an email apologizing that my online order has been cancelled and they cant proceed with it due to credit related issues (ive got a default I have on my file but they confirmed the order so thought it was all good) and purchase amount (none) will be refunded. That's pretty much all they said.


So now It looks like I have a phone that they haven't realized they've sent!


What would you guys do?? be honest and go through the hassle of 1 hour on hold and sending the phone back..


Or keep quiet and enjoy my free phone lol. im stuck! 



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I hate Telstra also, they have overcharged me many times over the years lucky for me I have always picked up on it but what about all those people out there that they rip off and telstra don't sit on the phone for an hour or so to fix it ha I say keep the phone say nothing and let them chase it up haha

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Good! Telstra are w*nkers. Enjoy the phone

lmao they really are..

I did actually fess up and tell them that i'd already got it, but the woman just said um yeah ur ganna have to send that back.. sort it out with the delivery team. So stuff em lol. 

New iPhone 6 yea yeaahhh! ;)

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