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Difference between Fillers in bottom lip then the top lip


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Hey Ladys,


So I have lip fillers in my lips once before at the start of this year. I got 1ml Juvederm, Mostly in my bottom lip and a little of the edges of my top lip. 


I'm still loving how full my bottom lip is but feel like i want a little more in my top lip... I sent my clinic an email and about wanting more in the top and she quoted me a more expensive price. I thought the prices had gone up so i told her what she quoted me last time and she told me no prices haven't gone up we just have to use a different filler in your top lip so we don't get the duck lip effect.


Is this common to use 2 different kinds for each lip? I mean she used the Juvederm in both lips last time my only a little in the top lip.



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Hey Don, Was hoping you would comment :) Yeap she is, shes been doing it for 14years. Really good to! I just couldnt understand how she had used the same in my lip 1st time around but now is saying shell have to use another one soo i don't get the duck lips affect. Going to talk to her about it when i get my botox topup. 


Maybe she thinks im wanting to get it really big lol. Like i sent her a kylie jenner pic and like i no kylie has filler but still over draws them too so my nurse said we physically couldn't achieve that look with just fillers.


I just want them both nice and plump not just my bottom lip

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