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Dr Miroshnik OR TCI!? Newbie wanting advice!!


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Hey ladies!! 

Im new to this forum... 

I am wanting to get my boobs done this year, and had decided on Dr Miroshnik. His before and afters on the instagram page are amazing!! 
He seems like the surgeon to go to for natural looking boobs, and especially if you have hardly any boobs like me. 

I had only just recently noticed that he does Anatomical implants ALOT. Does anyone know if this is all he does? From reading the chats on here and looking at round and anatomical implants, anatomical seem to be the way to go if I want natural looking boobs, and already have a small frame to start with. 

Ive also seen on the TCI instagram, they look like they do a decent job.. 

Whats everyones recommendations? I thought going with Dr. Miroshnik would be the way to go even though he would cost alot, compared to going through TCI which is alot cheaper.. My thoughts were, if I had any complications after surgery, I would be able to afford another $12k with Dr. Miroshnik!! 

Any help would be apprciated!!

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I would only go with plastic surgeon. I've done lots of reaserch. I've decided to go with Dr Miroshnik even though I had to fly from Qld and get accommodation.

I know girls who went through consmetic surgeons too. One of them simply chose her surgeon based on price. She is happy with her result, I wasn't impressed, however everyone has their opinions what is nice what not.

In my opinion - if I decide to put foreign object in my body I want this to be done by the plastic surgeon with lots of experience.

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If you want natural looking boobs, go with Dr M. His style was way too conservative for me (anatomical, doesn't seem to do over 390 cc) and I was a pretty straightforward case so I went with Dr Tang at TCI. He is a cosmetic surgeon but he is brilliant and gave me what I want and I am so happy I spent 6000 instead of double :) 


But natural boobs Dr M is definitely the master!

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