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TCI girls - post op advice


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Hi everyone, I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow. I have been wearing the Carefix post op bra, the first two weeks it was fine, but the last week (by the evening/night), it becomes really painful around the incisions. (They are not infected at all). It's killing me, really uncomfortable. Do they recommend any other bra? I no it's only for 3 weeks more, but if it's more comfortable than this one I would happily pay the $$$. Also, once I get to 6 weeks post op, can I wear any bra, or does it need to be under-wire free... Hope someone can give me some advice, thanks...

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Hi Lucylou


I found this also I just unhooked the bottom of the PO bra to the looser hook until it was comfortable again. I found  I noticed it at night time too. In the morning I would put it back on the tighter hook.  Are you using the stratamed ?  the stratamed will put a coating on the incisions and help.


You have to wait until you get the all clear at six weeks to wear a normal bra again , my understanding is it depends on weather they have dropped or not at six weeks. I think if they haven't dropped you need to wear non wired. I will find out tomorrow at my 6 week app.


FR sent  Congrats on the new boobs : )

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