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Black/blue spot under skin under incision


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My hopes are up so high now. I've made an appointmrnt with a local doctor here now too although they wouldn't touch my stitches and sent me to hospital so I don't know if they'll even check. Crazy that no one wants to have anything to do with overseas surgery.

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It looks like a suture to me, or as Donatella said, a little pocket of dried blood. I had one that looked the same and then a little pokie bit came out and i removed the suture (but I am a nurse remember, so dont do it without a medical degree!). They usually use two types of coloured sutures, blue and black.

If the area spreads or grows at all, head straight in to see someone about it as that could indicate something else. Your post was 4 days ago, what does it look like now?

btw...the surrounding scaring looks incredible! has your anxiety settled now? you had people worried!

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On 11/30/2015 at 1:30 AM, 40something said:

Just dragging this post forward as I too have something similar that has appeared 6 months post op. Can anyone advise? Will post a pic. 


Did you ever find out what this was? I’ve got one that has just come up in exactly the same place! I’m 3 month post surgery. Thanks 

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