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Weight loss and BA

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Hi, I am new to this forum and am finding it so good to read everyone's posts and about their experiences! Thanks!


. I have booked in for a consultation with Dr Miroshnik in Sydney in July regarding a BA. This is partly due to having lost a lot of weight (around 20kg) and seeing that my boobs just aren't as firm as they used to be. For a big weight loos, generally they are not bad at all and I have been exercising during tthat time and since. Having made my appointment with a nonrefundable payment, I realise maybe I have jumped the gun and actually need to get closer to my longterm weight. I still want to get another 15 kg off. I am now kind of expecting that Dr M may inform me that that is the case for a good result and that makes sense of course.


I have maintained my current weight after the loss for 6 months now. I was wondering if anyone has had similiar issues? Any thoughts on this.

I am 46 by the way.


Cheers, Chris

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How much do you weigh now? My ps said another 5kg loss or gain wouldn't affect much but I'm assuming a bigger loss or gain definitely would affect things. Most boobs naturally reduce and enlarge with weight gain or loss.. So I'd say get to a weight where you only want to lose another 5 or so... but everyone's difference and its a personal choice! Goodluck!!

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