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Touching cleavage no bra


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I'm coming up 4 weeks post op and started out 3 finger gap between breasts & its now down to one and I can easily touch them together just squeezing my arms in. 


I am worried that they will move even closer and touch completely without a bra if they are this close now..has anyone had that? Or as the implant settles do you think it might not be so noticeable as I still have quite a lot of fullness in the upper pole.  I've got mod + btw


Does wearing a post op bra impact in anyway on cleavage or is it all to do with the surgery? I feel like my post op bra sort of pulls them in a little bit although its not too tight its still firm. 


Guess I just want the option of creating cleavage with a bra but not have it as an everyday occurrence in a t shirt you know? 

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