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Hey Everyone,


Just wanted to share my journey with you all...especially all the tuberous ladies out there  :)


I have always thought my breasts were not quite right...i never filled out the way all my friends in school did, i kept waiting and waiting for that roundness to kick in like i thought breasts were meant too but it just never happened!

It wasn't until i watched a show on tv called Embarrassing Bodies that had an episode on breast deformities that i realised that i had Tuberous Breasts. It literally blew my mind and i became very depressed about it because as i just thought i had small boobs and not some sort of "deformity"!!


I decided to do my research about tuberous breast reconstruction and who would be the best surgeon for me to fix this. I found Dr Tavakoli's website and loved the results for his tuberous breast pictures and decided to have a consult with him.


In the consult he new exactly what he wanted to do when he looked at my breasts and had a couple of sizes in mind...either 420cc moderate plus or 495cc high profile. He also said he would reposition my nipples with a benelli lift so i wouldn't get double bubble and also recommended fat grafting to the lower part of my breasts for extra roundness underneath ( he did say that fat grafting was optional but it would give me the best result ). 


I was really nervous about it all but felt confident in his ability so went ahead and booked the procedure. I went through this complete emotional rollercoaster in the weeks leading up to the surgery...nervousness, doubt, excitment, bad dreams and good dreams. 


Finally the day had come!!! 


I walked into east sydney private signed my forms then chatted to the nurse who asked me general health questions, she then got me gowned and all set up in bed...gave me a valium to chill my nerves  :cool:

The anaesthetist's nurse came in and introduced herself then led me to another room, she placed blankets on me and wrapped leg massages around my legs and put this warm air thingy on them to warm me up.

Dr Lee the anaesthetist came in, he was really nice and gave me the lowdown on how the anaesthetic would feel and the medications he would prescribe... but also talked to me about how i might feel after the operation.


Dr Tavakoli and another plastic surgeon came in and drew me up...he asked me some questions about things regarding the procedure but i told him to do whatever he thought was best for me because it was a reconstruction and i wasn't sure....he seemed confident in what he wanted to go with to give me the best result. I was then led into the operating theatre (which is the brightest room on the planet!..almost blinded me). All i remember after that is lying their laughing so much and then lights out.


Woke up...its so hard to keep your eyes open by the way! all you wanna do is stay awake but you can't haha its funny


Yaaaay i have boobs!! Dr T ended up going for the 420cc anatomical mentor moderate plus profile...over the muscle! he placed the implants through the nipple so i didn't have scarring underneath. I went back to the hotel with drains in both sides, my boyfriend was such a good nurse he got up every two hours through out the night and drained them, recording all the measurements and made sure i was taking all my meds on time. Bless him.


The next day i went in to see Dr and he checked the drains..his nurse took the left out cos that one was draining hardly anything, but they decided to leave my right one in over the weekend. Luckily they did because it started filling up excessively over the next night and my right breast got very big,hard and sore!! We rang Dr Tavakoli and he asked us to send him pictures of my breasts and the colour of the drain contents straight away. He then told me to go straight back to hospital and he would fix it for me...which he did.


Unfortunately problems can arise with surgery as i was well aware of going into this,  just so Glad i went with such a skilled and reputable plastic surgeon who fixed the problem straight away. His whole team were so nice and comforting and made me feel safe! He also contacted me everyday to make sure i was alright and recovering well. 


Im now home and love my new breasts, they look awesome! Happy Days  :D

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Awesome story lamb_lamb! Thanks for sharing. Your comments about your BF were SOOO cute. I read it to my husband & he was also impressed, but not surprised. Lol.

I'm also tuberous & considered Dr T. I ended up booking with Dr M but I'm sure they're both as good as each other. So exciting!

Hope you heal quickly.

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