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Sore ribs/back 7 weeks post op


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I'm 7 almost 8 weeks post op and for the last two weeks I've had super bad back pain, I've had 3 massages and my spine put into alignment. I've had blood test, ct and X-ray which haven't shown anything either. The blood test did show i have a viral infection but the doctor wasn't too worried about that.

My doctors keep saying it's muscular however in the last few days when I push on my ribs under my right implant it's super tender. The last two weeks have been hell trying to sit in a chair at work and when I bend forward I'm getting the pains in my ribs and middle of my chest.

Any suggestions? I've called my surgeons office and his away today but they want to see me Monday to check me out. (I'm actually doubting it's anything to do with my implants because they look and feel normal, but for peace of mind I'm going in). I did have nerve pain at around 10 days post op in the same implant.

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