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There is talk of a revision for me.

At last

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Hi I was hoping there is some people who can tell me how they went when they had a revision.

There is talk of a revision for me. They seem to think the implant has attached to the chest wall mainly the right side. They don't look too bad but are empty at the bottom of the Breast. In time to come that will end up sagging skin if not corrected I have been told.

I have had a band on for 3weeks not much movement, 3weeks left to wear band than back to the drs.

I hope everyone is happy with there new breasts and all the best for people with up coming BA.Take care

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Sorry to hear . But thankfully your doc is on the level :) I guess the plus is from what uv read the revision is often less painful :) it's good your dr is willing to fix this that has be a massive plus that you chose the right one

It's not just the op but the after care that can make all the difference

Good luck and I do hope those boobs settle and you don't need to have another op :)

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