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BA experience with Dr Lee! TCI


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So i travelled to Sydney two days ago (2nd June) from Brisbane to have my consultation that day with Dr Lee. When i got to TCI they made me fill out some paperwork and asked for my Drivers licence to make sure all of my information was correct. One of the girls then took me and my mum into of the consultation rooms and spoke to me about the Capsular Contracture guarantee (which i agreed to buy), took the measurements for my post-op bra, told me some things i needed to know for home and asked me a few more questions. Dr Lee wasn't quite ready so we went back into the waiting area until he was ready to see me. When i went in he was lovely. He went through all my information then spoke to me about the risks involved. I tried on some sizers 325 cc, 345 cc and 365 cc. I ended up going with 345. Overall he was very calming and made me feel really good about the whole thing. The next morning i got a call at 8.05 am asking if i could come in early for surgery at 8.30 as the girl before me was stuck in traffic. It was a bit of a rush because my surgery wasn't meant to be until 9.30 but i wasn't complaining, i just wanted to get it out of the way. When i got to TCI before i knew it i was saying goodbye to Mum and was taken into a cute little waiting room. There was a hospital gown, two little booties, a hairnet and a heated blanket in a bag waiting for me. The girl left me to undress and told me to just put on the booties and hairnet. She then came back in 5 minutes later to take some before photos and make sure i was ok. A nurse then came in and she was so lovely, she took my blood pressure and asked me some last minute questions. The anaesthetist then came in and told me all about the Twilight anaesthetic. Finally Doctor Lee came in and drew on me and calmed me down as i was started to panic, i was then ready to go into the theatre. I walked in and Dr Lee followed me in. There were two other nurses in there along with the anaesthetist and the nurse that came to see me before hand. I started to cry and panic more but they all calmed me down. i propped myself up onto the bed and the nurses put on some leg masagers and my heated blanket. Before i knew it id had the canular put in my hand and i was falling to sleep giggling at everyone. 

When i woke up i was shaking uncontrollably but apparently thats normal and happens to almost everyone. I had a cup of warm water, a biscuit and two lolly pops. I then went for a short walk around the room and i was very unsteady on my feet. I sat back down and my mum was brought in. She had just picked up all my scripts. We sat there a little while longer until the taxi was ready. i was wheeled out the front to the taxi and was taken back to our apartment. I felt Ok, just very sore and achy but was able to get up and walk around with the help of mum. I had some soup and bread and just chilled out watching tv for the rest of the afternoon. At 4pm i took my first lot of tablets, 2 codeine and one antibiotic. We ordered some takeaway Thai for dinner at around 5.30. I didn't eat much because i started to feel really hot and naucous. Mum said i should go back to bed but as i got up i felt really dizzy like i was about to faint and my eyes went blurry and my ear went all funny. :huh: I laid back into bed and started to feel better. The rest of the night Mum and I just watched Tv and i spoke to some of my friends.  I took some more tablets at 10 before i went to sleep. I just so happened to wake up at 4am to take my next lot of tablets but found it quite difficult to get back to sleep. I woke up this morning at 7.30 feeling the same, still very sore and sensetive. I'm allowed to have a shower soon and take of my bra for the first time which is exciting!!!. Checking out of the Meriton today and going to stay with my aunty nearby. Leaving on Sunday, will keep everyone updated on how i am. Thankfully its all over and now i can just relax and recover  :o Xxx

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Thanks for posting this, I have my first consult with a PS in Tas for a breast lift, but thinking 6 months after I will go to the TIC for my implants (they don't do lifts there)..... lovely to read stories about how it all goes.  Best of luck with your recovery. 

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