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Recovery time - what do I need to know?


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I'm so keen to get a BA but need to work it into life with a 9 month old baby and 4 year old. Hubby has offered to take 1 week off work to help my recovery but I'm wondering if I'll need to organise help at home for the following weeks? My baby is soooo heavy and not even close to walking, so he needs to be carried everywhere.


How long did you recovery last and when could you lift and carry 10kg? What did you find the hardest to cope with?



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My children are much older but I do have a physical job of cleaning people's homes. I would say that you would definitely need help in the first 10 days especially if you have little ones at home. I had 2 weeks off work and to be honest I did struggle that first week back at work. I was really sore and tired by the end of it. But I found by week 4 I had more energy and wasn't so sore. Hope this helps.

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