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Hi all !

I'm having alot of dramas with restored beauty getaways !

Me and my partner are going in group tour with rbg

Myself for ba and my partner dental

Takes the consultant 2 weeks to get back to my emails I have to call her

They originally quoted my partner 15000thb for one of his dental costs and I just received his treatment plan in mail and its with a completely different dental surgeon , and it's gone up to 16000thb for the exact thing ! We were not notified of cost changes and surgeon changes ?! . I have rang her of this and she had no idea! I'm waiting on call back now and only have 1 week till we leave . The hospital spelled my name wrong on treatment plan I notified rbg to correct it and when they sent the new treatment plan in mail it still was spelled wrong she didn't check !! I've notified her of this .

so stressed out I went thru them wanting them to ease the stress not make it more stressful !

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so sorry for your situation tiffiny

This is why I would never go on a group tour This should not be about  juggling lots of patient bookings and ending up with change of surgeon

As for RBG  you might be interested in a current affairs story

Sorry this does not help you but you know what this company is like

I suppose any company can mess up name spelling but as for changing surgeon and not telling you - that's inexcusable
And why? And staff not know ! care factor?

All the best

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