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Running girls - what's it like after BA?


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I was a small 10B before surgery and got 300cc. I was allowed to start walking again from day 3 and was allowed to start adding in a few minutes of running to my walking from week 3. My PS said to get some super supportive running bras and that he hoped I would be back to my usual level by the time he saw me at 8 weeks post op.

I used to run for 40minutes, so from week 3, I started with 5 minutes and added a few minutes to each run as it felt comfortable. I finally made it back to my 40 minute level last week at 9 weeks post op and it felt amazing.

I have heard that other people haven't been able to start again so soon post-op, so it's different for every person and every surgeon. I think maybe because I got small implants and I healed/recovered well physically, that might be the reason the surgeon let me slowly start running from 3 weeks?

Good luck:)

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I was given the go ahead to start running (at 5 weeks) but really don't feel comfortable yet, I feel like I'd have to hold my boobs the whole time and i'm not even that big! I guess I have to find a really good sports bra but atm am double bra-ing with surgical bra and a tight crop for all exercise.

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So glad I found this thread. I was just starting to do sub 30min 5km runs in the week before my BA. I am also a trail runner - so big long runs too in the middle of nowhere! My surgeon said to wait a month before starting to get my heart rate up again and to start jogging/running with a VERY supportive bra and start off again slowly. Even their bounce when I walk is weird but I am getting used to having big boobs for the first time in my life. 

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